I Need Storage

We started in the storage business in 1996 by buying some land in Greenville County, South Carolina and getting it re-zoned (talk about being blessed, we had no idea how big this was to us) and the first phase built soon after that. We actually thought we would build 20,000 square feet and that would be it for our retirement. Sounds sophomoric I know, but that is how it was back then. We were pleasantly surprised at our quick success and thankful for what we had been given.

And the story continues…
We built more storage buildings at our first facility, Roper Mountain Road Self-Storage, and then did the same thing about four years later a few miles down the road in Simpsonville, SC at Fairview Road Self-Storage. Funny thing about building when times are good, it seems like you can build and buy forever, and that is what happened with us. Along the way, we have taken partners in occasionally. Partners are good sometimes, but even thought their intentions are good, they aren’t as committed to the business like we have always been. They don’t have to be. That’s fine. To us, it’s personal though. We actually like the business. It’s pretty simple. Metal or concrete buildings and concrete floors. That’s a big reason we like it. It’s simple.

In the beginning, all we’d known was growth but as the years rolled by we recognized that sometimes the economy contracts, such as after the horrific terrorist bombing on September 11, 2001, and sometimes the economy really booms (as it has in recent years).

We’ve added and subtracted from our portfolio and then added again over the years. We’ve done ground- up building and we have done conversions. We’ve ventured out into the shopping center business recently and bought and sold industrial buildings after we fixed them up. We currently own and operate Fairview Road Self-Storage and West Georgia Road Self-Storage in Simpsonville, South Carolina and Cypress Gardens Self-Storage in Moncks Corner, South Carolina.

Life is good…
We believe there are still trials ahead for our economy and for us, but we have faith that we still live in a blessed country and that God is in control of our future. Our protection is guaranteed by Him. We may not know how, why, or when, but we know Him. That is enough for us.

Through all of this we have been blessed with outstanding management help and conscientious employees. Our goal and their goal is to never let you down. We are in business to earn a fair return on our investments. We try to do our very best to honor our contract with you as a customer. We have been given much from God, and we intend to honor Him the most. By honoring you through our commitment, we will honor Him. If we fail in our commitment to you, let us know. We are not perfect, but we do want and need to be fair.

We do appreciate your business if you honor us with it. If not, we sincerely hope you enjoy the facility you have chosen as much as our past and present customers have enjoyed doing business with us.

Storage Facility Locations

West Georgia Road Storage

Simpsonville, South Carolina

Fairview Road Self Storage

Simpsonville, South Carolina

HWY 14 RV And Boat Storage

Greer, South Carolina

Each Location Indivdually Owned and Operated